Hansischer Geschichtsverein (Hanseatic History Society)

The Hanseatic History Society was founded in 1871 with the intention of collecting and editing the sources on the history of the Hanseatic League and publishing scholarship on the history of the Hanse, both in its journal (the Hansische Geschichtsblätter) and in its two book series – Hansische Studien ('Hanseatic Studies') and Quellen und Darstellungen zur Hansischen Geschichte ('Sources and Monographs on Hanseatic History') – the first of which concentrates on publishing papers given at conferences, while the second consists of source editions and monographs. Read more on the society (Verein) (its history, its by-laws, the yearly reports on its activities (from 2008), the names and contact details of the members of the steering committee and information on how to join the society). 

For a list of the contents of the Society's journal and the two series see (Literatur). The issues from 1871 to 1908 have been scanned and can be downloaded from this site. In addition, the journal will be available on JSTOR soon. When that comes to pass, the complete tables of contents (with English translations of the titles of the articles) will be uploaded in this section and linked to the corresponding files on the JSTOR server. In addition, scans of the Hanseatic Book of Charters (Hansisches Urkundenbuch) for the period up to 1433 and of the proceedings of the Hanseatic Diet (Hanserecesse) for the period up to 1521 can be downloaded from this site.

Current activities of the Society (and activities of interest to Hanseatic scholars) can be found under (Aktuelles).

Finally, information on the AGM, which takes place yearly from Monday to Thursday of Pentecost week, can be found here (Pfingsttagung). In particular, the venue, dates and program of the past AGMs and the proximate one are published here.

Justyna Wubs-Mrozewicz, The Hanse in Medieval and Early Modern Europe: An Introduction, in: Justyna Wubs-Mrozewicz/ Stuart Jenks (Hrsg.), The Hanse in Medieval and Early Modern Europe, Leiden u.a., Brill 2013, S. 1-25

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